“Utilizing forest residues for the production of bioenergy and bio-based products.”

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Webinar: Lifecycle Assessment and Economics of Biochar From Forest Residues

August 23 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

This webinar presents a summary of results from forest, range, and mine sites where biochar has been applied and from a lifecycle assessment and economic analysis of producing biochar from forest residues. Biochar is produced from biomass at high temperatures in a low-oxygen environment. Using data collected from a pilot plant built for the Waste-to-Wisdom project, this webinar presents an outlook on the future of smaller-scale near-woods biochar production from an environmental and economic perspective. Specifically, we will discuss the environmental impacts and implications from a lifecycle assessment of biochar from waste forest biomass then describe the economics and potential markets.


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Waste to Wisdom
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